ballerina at Lagnö Nr.2

ballerian at Lagnö Nr02.jpg
ballerian at Lagnö Nr02.jpg

ballerina at Lagnö Nr.2

from 1,500.00

Session ballerina at Lagnö from 2014.

Limited edition in three sizes, numbered and signed by artist.

  • large 100cm x 133cm / edition of 10 prints.

  • medium 78cm x 100cm / edition of 20 prints.

  • small 30cm x 40cm / edition of 100 prints.

All work are printed on fine art photo paper, with a 3cm white bord.

All prices are with Swedish 25% VAT.

If your buying and are shipping to a non EU country, 25% VAT can be taken off your order. Please email and request the -25% VAT code.

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